Addison Derringer is a character who is a student at Rosewood High School introduced in Season 7. She is portrayed by Ava Allan.

Biography Edit

She is described as a pretty little bully who’s attractive, entitled, manipulative and intimidating, and every insecure high school girl’s worst nightmare, similar to Alison's personality in high school.

Early Life Edit

2002 Edit

Addison was born in 2002.

2011 Edit

In Christmas 2011 when she was 9 years old she bullied a deaf kid and was caught by Hanna.

2017 Edit

She is a member of the school swim team and a thorn in Emily's side. After Addison misses swim practice and makes up a fake excuse, Emily attempts to discipline her. Addison, in turn, tries to get Emily fired by making up a story of how Emily was hitting on her and several of the other girls on the team. She tells Paige, thinking that she'll side with her, stating that she is now being harassed and punished for not responding to Emily's advances. After finding out about Addison's allegations, Emily confronts Addison. She calls her out on her fake excuse, stating that she was hanging out with a boy as opposed to being sick. Before things could escalate further, Paige intervenes with evidence of Addison's attempt to fire Emily and sends the girl to Principal Hackett's office. One year later, Addison is still up to her bullying habits among students and teachers. Her friends are afraid of her, but Jenna Marshall is able to scare her into submission. At the end, her friends wonder where she disappeared to with Willa saying they thought she heard her scream.